Hilarious writing for children and grownups

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Hilarious writing for children and grownups – Bean’s writing is pure fun, February 21, 2014
With children visiting on school vacation and trying to find some fun reading for them to do (to be able to compete successfully against the iPad), I was looking for any sports-themed book for kids where the writing has spark – and with this book, I feel like I struck gold. I ordered Baseball: A Ticket To The Bigs (Kindle version) after looking at a preview and immediately realizing the writing and wit are of very high quality.My 11-year-old nephew started the book one evening, had to be practically forced to stop reading at bedtime, and didn’t put the book down the next day until he was finished. I heard him laugh out loud so many times, I decided to read the story myself. I started it last night, stayed up late reading, and just finished it this morning. It is what I call “rollicking fun”. I’d love to see a film made of this story.

I recommend this book 1000%. This work is proof that one can write an outstanding thoroughly modern story without any swear words, sex, and violence, making it a reliable, healthy, fun read for any age kid. As mentioned in the title, this is an easy fun read for us adults, too. I see from the author’s profile that he is a parent and teacher – in fact, after looking at Raymond Bean’s profile (shown below from Raymond Bean’s author’s page), I am about to order some more books by Raymond Bean!

Here is what his profile says:
Raymond Bean is a dad, a teacher, and the Amazon best-selling author of the Sweet Farts and School Is A Nightmare series. His books have ranked #1 in Children’s Humor, Humorous Series, and Fantasy and Adventure. They often rank among Amazon’s top 100 books for children.
Translations of his books are available in Germany, Italy and Korea. Editions for Brazil and Turkey are on their way. He writes for kids who claim they don’t like reading.

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