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Meet Benji Franklin: Kid Zillionaire

by Kindle Editors on 02/18/2014

Benji-franklinIt’s not all about the benajmins for this tiny tycoon. Raymond Bean introduces us to Benji Franklin: Kid Zillionairea boy genius on a quest for discovery and invention.

Being named after one of the most creative minds in history comes with a ton of pressure, but twelve-year-old Benji Franklin is up to the challenge. At six months old, he learned sign language. When he was three, he taught himself how to play the guitar. At five, he was able to read in six different languages, including dolphin.

Benji comes from a long line of inventor types. His father even built a satellite out of spare parts lying around his workshop, but that’s top secret, or at least it was until the FBI got involved, but that’s another story entirely.

At age twelve, Benji created an excuse generating app that went viral, and his life really got interesting. He became the world’s first, and, well, only ZILLIONAIRE. His reputation as a gifted problem solver quickly spread and before he knew it he was busy solving some of the world’s most complex problems like recapturing runaway, cloned dinosaurs and saving the planet from devastating meteors.

Benji’s greatest talent, however, may lie in his ability to turn the most impossible situations into opportunities to help those in need. He’s determined to do good things with his new found fortune because as his mom likes to remind him, “It’s not all about the benjamins, Benjamin.”

Benji Franklin: Kid Zillionaire was a ton of fun to write. He lives in a world where anything is possible and no challenge is too great. The sky is definitely NOT the limit for Benji. I’ve always been a huge cartoon fan because in cartoons the possibilities are endless and nothing is too extraordinary. Modern cartoons like Spongebob and Phineas and Ferb are so much fun because anything can happen and usually does. I tried to write Benji Franklin: Kid Zillionaire in a way that young readers would have as much fun reading the book as they do watching their favorite cartoons. That being said, I almost fell out of my seat the first time I viewed the Benji Franklin trailer because it had such a wonderful cartoon-like feel. Watching the trailer made me really long for a Benji Franklin Cartoon. I’m talking to you Nickelodeon.

Matthew Vimislik’s illustrations give the book the perfect feel and help bring Benji to life. The wide-eyed wonder in Benji’s eyes and the awesome adventurer glasses hanging around his neck on the cover say it all. Benji Franklin is a boy genius on a quest for discovery, invention, and, of course, the greater good. I hope young readers enjoy Benji’s adventures and find themselves dreaming big.


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